How to secure passwords – why multi-factor authentication?

Why passwords are every company’s one of the biggest risks? Personal passwords should be a concern for  a security manager in every company. Managers need to prepare Identity management policies,…

Know your enemy – lessons from IDS portal

Majority of cyber attacks come from China – our threat hunting systems are showing that more than 80% detected malicious traffic come from this direction

9% of users phished in less than 3 hours. Is phishing all about human behaviour?

Phishing exploit human nature by tricking unsuspected users to click a link and enter some data – usually their username and passwords into something looking innocent  – we all know…

GDPR – an alternative approach

Can we approach GDPR in the easy to understand way – possibly. Implementation of privacy regulation GDPR explain in the simplest possible way – we can help with aspects which you cannot implement in house.

The biggest threat to cybersecurity

Reflecting on  some  recent cyber security incidents, I thought it of benefit to  write a very simple guide on  how to ‘stay safe’ – back to the basics, i.e.  no…

Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign

Regardless of how advanced the technological protective measures are, often the weakest part of any Information Security Management System is people or end users. It is critical to ensure that…

Cyber risk landscape is changing

Advanced Persistent Threat –
ATP – enforce changes to the approach to cybersecurity – we can help with transformation.

How we help SaaS vendors

As an SaaS vendor, the core of your operation is to provide your customers with a Web service you have developed. We have worked with a number of SaaS Vendors…