Regardless of how advanced the technological protective measures are, the often weakest part of any Information Security Management System are people. It is critical to ensure, staff is trained and aware about potential risks and have necessary cyber safety skills to avoid those risks.

We assist customers in testing and improving staff awareness through the following exercise:

  • Simulated long term phishing campaign, aimed at testing user resilience and security awareness
  • Series of video courses which can be viewed at convenient time which are followed by some test questions

Our computer-based security awareness program allows people to learn and practice the latest cyber-security threats in hands-on simulations. We do offer set of predefined courses from which customers may tailor of it own from our library of modules. Tools like module preview and time-to-complete calculations make course development easy for anyone. Learners don’t just watch or listen to our security awareness training. Instead they are challenged to solve hands-on simulations that replicate what they will encounter in the real world.

Our phishing simulation test looks real and live like phishing attack on your organization using a realistic e-mail templates which aim at testing your user awareness some safe cyber practices. Each attack is conducted over several weeks and utilize randomized e-mail templates. We can adjust number of test emails to no more then one every second day with randomization so your users will not be spammed. Every phishing e-mail will be sent without any harmful content and instead it will be armed with efficiency metric tools only – providing information about who open and click in the message – including some data entry messages. Based on this customer may monitor and adjust its security awareness training.


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Full list of our security awareness training modules can be found here.


Posted by Derek Mizak

Cyber security consultant working on application of Artificial Intelligence to cyber security practice, Digital Forensic Investigator, ISO27001 lead auditor.