Penetration testing

Our Blue and Read team detect vulnerabilities, prioritise them, exploit and test defensive measures. Your team needs to know threats are they facing. Based on it, your team will make right risk management decisions and invest in right solutions.

With constantly changing threat landscape your business most likely does realise needs for a proactive security audits.If you recognise the following challenges as a familiar – please talk to us an check how can we help:

  • Growing security budget and uncertainty of its efficiency
  • Predict future trends and requirements regarding cyber security
  • Conducting security tests, assessments and review as part of day to day operations without business interruption
  • Track trends across various tests and audits Meeting compliance requirements

We can provide tests and assessments for the following: Web Application, service – either web site, or API service or any other type Software as a Service (SaaS) solution you may be offering to your customers. We can provide folowing types of assessments

  • Web Application assessment with penetration testing
  • Database assessment
  • Infrastructure assessment – targeting network equipment and services

Findings from the vulnerability assessment are included in the report provided to you on completion of the assessment. Both business and technical risks are categorised and given to the your development and technical team to include in their internal continues improvement procedures.