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Cyber security is one of the most urgent challenges of the day. IT networks have always been the target of criminals, and the danger of cyber security breaches will only continue to increase in the future as these networks expand, but there are sensible precautions that organisations can take to minimise losses from those who seek to do harm.

With the right level of preparation and specialist external assistance from DMZ IT, it is possible to control damages, and recover from a cyber breach and its consequences, implementing and maintaining a more stringent cyber security policy for the future.

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We are working with large corporations and small businesses, solving their compliance and security challenges, we advise board directors on cyber security strategy and help SaaS vendors making their products safely delivered to customers.

Our services include:

  • Penetration testing – including web applications and infrastructure
  • Persistent threat detection – threat intelligence, detection and investigation
  • Compliance management – policy and process implementation including ISO27001

Information Security Audit

Our approach begins with understanding the business requirements associated with the assessment, followed by a detailed topology mapping and base-lining the existing infrastructure identified in the scope. Upon completion of…

ISO27001 certification

Customised and easy journey to excellence in Information Security Management through ISO27001 – internationally recognised standard.

Penetration testing

Our Blue and Read team detect vulnerabilities, prioritise them, exploit and test defensive measures. Your team needs to know threats are they facing. Based on it, your team will make…

Cyber Security Awareness

DMZ IT is delighted to offer a computer-based security awareness program that allows people to learn and practice the latest cyber-security threats in hands-on simulations. We do offer set of predefined courses…