DMZ IT Disaster Recovery Minimize

We are specialists in IT Disaster Recovery and IT Continuity management. We can help you identify potential disaster events that could impact your key IT services, and give you a menu of options to help you prepare for,  and mitigate against, such events. We can help you ensure that whatever happens, your critical IT services would continue to support your business, and continue to meet external requirements at the lowest cost possible.  DMZ IT can deliver advice, right through to management of delivery and implementation of any Disaster Recovery solution required.
We can help, starting by an initial review, and as required:

  • Assess and advise on business and regulatory IT continuity requirements
  • Assess IT system potential threats based on requirements
  • Define the gaps between continuity requirements and what’s in place
  • Identify potential solutions with costs and resources
  • Define the scope, and  plan delivery of agreed solutions
  • Manage delivery of the solutions, within costs and timeframes
  • Manage or conduct regular IT DR testing of any solution.

In DMZ IT we have vast IT Disaster Recovery experience. We have developed, delivered, managed and tested IT Disaster Recovery solutions, from small to large businesses, across a whole range of industries. The one thing all these businesses have in common, big or small, they are all dependent on their IT systems and services.   

DMZ IT Disaster Recovery services include: 

  • The planning and delivering of alternative infrastructure to run business critical applications in the event of a disaster at the main production site.
  • Definition of steps to invoke IT Disaster Recovery, underpinning any site DR plans.
  • Production of  recovery procedures for all infrastructure elements, covering scenarios where there is localised disruption due to hardware failure, right through to the loss of an IT  infrastructure delivery centre.
  • Definition of processes through which DMZ IT will manage and support Disaster Recovery testing activities performed by our customers, and would follow during Disaster Recovery activities in a real invocation.
  • Implementation of  a Service Management solution to provide an IT Service Continuity team to support and document our clients Continuity activities.
  • Management of  the execution of regular tests for those infrastructure elements as scheduled and approved by our customers.
  • Delivery of high quality evidenced documentation on ITDR testing, covering potential external requirements.