DMZ Projects and Programs Management Minimize

We are specialists in Project and Program management. We can help you define objectives, scope, cost, plan and manage any IT project. We will help ensure any piece of work is delivered within required time frames and budget.

We can join and help at any stage of a project or a program to:

  • Assess business requirements
  • Define the objectives
  • Identify potential solutions with costs and resources
  • Define the scope of the project
  • Plan the piece of work
  • Manage delivery of that plan to completion, within costs and time frames
  • Assist in moving a project to service or a steady state
  • Project emergency rescue – help recovery of IT projects which went “under water”, at any stage

In DMZ IT we have accumulated vast project management experience from multiple organizations, countries and project types. We have managed a range of projects from complex IT infrastructure transformation through ERP systems design and implementation up to supervision of major organizational changes.That gives us a blend of unique perspective which results in our own view and own custom approach – Collaborative Project Pool.
Successful projects are not delivered by forceful push of change on to an organization. Successful projects require enthusiastic participation of all stakeholders regardless of the level in the organization. 
Collaborative Project Pool is based on:

  • Enthusiasm and participation
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Creativity
  • Communication and clarity

We know that project management tools and methodologies lower project costs and help to deliver results, but only in experienced hands. In our work we use a variety of methods which are the most suited for the situation –our favorite “tailor made” approach. Please contact us to see how we can improve your experience with your projects.