Mobile Software Development Minimize

Phones and tablets became the ubiquitous device we carry everywhere and, as connectivity expands, so does the possibilities for computing interactions, social participation and personal accomplishment. These new gadgets are replacing many other traditional equipment like corporate computer terminals, gaming consoles, GPS, broadcast TVs, notepads, photo/video cameras, and many other specialized tools.

At the speed things are changing, being able to adapt and ride these waves has enabled our customers to leverage all our team's experience on Internet applications, integration and cloud computing, to quickly build solutions for the mobile workforce (internal apps), and/or for end-users (consumers).

Our team of specialized designers and developers that will help you design, develop, assemble and deploy the best mobile experience. Our technical skills building Mobile Apps include:

  • User eXperience (UX) design adaptation for the target platform

  • Optimizing  for responsiveness and lower battery consumption

  • Caching and offline availability

  • Push/Pull Integration with online services  and internal systems

  • Data roaming, cloud storage and open identity federations

Collaboration solutions Minimize

Nowadays, enterprise environments, organizational growth and complexity contribute directly to the increasing volume of business information but increasingly grow the difficulty of managing data and resources efficiently. To gain visibility and control across the enterprise, your customers and information workers need to integrate their business processes and information through intranet and extranet portals.

What is the benefit for you?

DMZ IT believes you need a solution provider that can help simplify infrastructure and provide a more unified collaboration, communication, and make better business decisions.
We provide proven services and expertise to deploy collaboration and portal solutions with Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server:

  • Portal design and development;

  • Maturity modeling;

  • Governance and policy integration;

  • Farm planning and deployment;

  • Enterprise search planning and optimization

  • Information architecture and taxonomy

  • Content Migration

The portal and collaboration solutions enable exchange and management of information in the best possible way, by using portals, by computerization of business processes and by better use of every employee's time.

Through our experience with our customers, partners and our own employees internally we have developed an approach that uses best practices, existing modules and products. We share knowledge. We share collaboration.

Software as a Service Minimize

Software as a Service (SaaS) is becoming part of our daily options and more and more we, as customers, get tempted to start outsourcing those parts of our IT that won't differentiate us from competition. Chances are that many other companies are already doing it and saving time and money while reducing risk of downtime.

Our team has been helping our partners developing systems for self-service, provisioning and billing of such services. Sometimes even managing ourselves some of these early betas versions of the new multi-tenant environments like for example CRM, Azure or Sharepoint. Our unique team of recognized Mentors has become a guarantee for many of our partners, and those shared experiences have built an incredible knowledge base we believe will help many others in the future too.

We have been since the beginning consumers of "shared" services whenever possible, and that experience has influenced us in such a way that we end up advocating many other similar options to our customers, too.

If your team, project or product needs a boost adopting new agile methodologies, the latest Microsoft servers/platforms, or the new cloud infrastructure services, please contact us.